Non-Profit Organizations have a specific way of getting donors. They build long-term relationships with them, educating them on a cause, alternatives to that cause, and their solution to it. For-Profit businesses are starting to take notice and adopt this marketing strategy.


Potential clients are notoriously self-centered. The fastest way to connect with them is to recognize their pain points. Get them to understand that you know what they are going through by identifying the problems that they may have. You have the experience to take prior clients through a journey of solving their problems. Just plonk them down on square one. Show them that other people have started at this point, and with your guidance you have helped them overcome their trouble.


As original as you may think you are, there are probably thousands of other businesses are helping people with their problems in similar ways. Let these potential customers know that they always have other options, but they are not nearly as effective as your solution. This conversation will help you lead you into the next topic, which is:


Finally show them how your products and/or services are so superior. Identify your competitive advantages and promote them in this section.

With this Problem-Alternative-Marketing model, you will have a higher conversion rate to customers. This conversation is more natural to the potential customer's point of view than the traditional marketing structure of demonstrating your solutions, hoping they will see how they could benefit from them.


Mr. Cole converts the creative ideas of the customer and responds also to requests for changes without any delay. His use goes beyond the usual scope and problems--of any kind.

-- Anja S.