The Why Game. Young children play it often with adults. Whatever you say, their response is "Why?" Your answer delves ever-deeper into explanation, yet they still respond with the same question.

Part of this game is the explanation of how things work. Getting to the kernel of Why will help you with telling your story.

What Problem Is Being Solved?

There was some catalyst to cause you to be in the type of business you are running right now. There was some problem that you had a knack for solving. Recreate this scene with a story.

What Do People I Hope To Serve Want?

Identify the problems and pain points of your potential customers. Speak with them, survey them, find out their Why.


Rob is amazing....always there for our charity, always ready to help, advise and guide me personally through the maze of internet advertising. I cannot recommend him or his work and integrity enough.

-- Nancy J.