What sets you apart from everyone else? Why would someone choose to follow you or use your products/services?

With 7 billion people in the world all trying to make their mark, or just make it in the world, you have a lot of competition. Identify those things that make your place in the world different from everyone else, and you will create your list of competitive advantages.


Are you a leader? Have you written a book (self-published or otherwise)? Have you created a podcast? Leaders will take the initiative and develop a way to express their ideas so that others can follow their instructions, or at least see them as an expert in their field.


Being a good communicator encompasses writing and speaking in-depth about a topic. Approaching a topic at a broad, high-level will serve as only an introduction. People with merely a passing interest in a topic can regurgitate generalizations. What makes a person stand out is providing a deeper exploration of a topic and present it in a way that others can understand.

What makes a great communicator is a person who can listen to others. An effective communicator will decide whether to adjust their assumptions or not, based on the new information received. Before creativity can occur, one must absorb the output of others. It is the best way to stay current. Then the communicators will add their voices to the choir of knowledge.


Who else can better assess a person's expertise than the people living in that industry every day. Just as third-party verification bolsters a business's status to potential clients, industry verification of their leaders will indicate who is pushing the boundaries of the industry. Involve yourself with colleagues in the same industry. Join a local or regional group of like-minded individuals, and learn from and teach others.

Setting yourself above the others does take more work--more work than what your colleagues are putting in. That extra effort will accumulate and result in you becoming noticed in your industry and to your clients.


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-- Anne S.