Waiting for someone to contact you from your website can take forever. Despite having a Contact form, phone number and email address on your website, people will only use them if they have a need to do so. Wouldn't it be better to entice your visitors to leave their contact information with you with some information on what interests them so you can follow up with them? Landing pages can do just that.

Landing Page example

In this example, we have six areas that make a great landing page:

  1. Offer

    Make the offer in a concise title. This offer is the action you want the visitor to take.
  2. Contact Form

    The contact form will gather the visitor's contact information along with the document the person downloads. Record this information in your sales funnel and follow up with the person to find out how your products/services can benefit them more.
  3. Features

    List the main reasons the visitors will want to release their valuable contact information to you. These items should excite the visitor enough to fill out the contact form.
  4. Third Party Verification

    List the affiliations you have in your industry, community, and with other businesses. By association, your visitors will place your organization on the same esteemed level as your affiliates. Include testimonials of customers who have tried your products/services. These testimonials collectively will describe a person's situation before your product/service, and how it has benefited them.
  5. Privacy Policy

    Since you are collecting a person's contact information, you are required to let people know what you intend to do with the information and the steps you will take to prevent that information from getting into the wrong hands. Include a link to your Privacy Policy.
  6. Contact Information

    Make it easy for people to contact you by including at the very least a phone number, and possibly email address on the page.

The basic layout above is a good way to design the page. It has been developed and implemented on thousands of websites to generate the greatest response from people. Visitors have grown accustomed to this layout and familiarity will allow them to understand the actions they need to take on the page. Varying from this design will likely diminish your conversion rate so have a compelling reason to modify it that will justify the lower response rate.


Thanks so much for all your hard work! The website is absolutely beautiful! I love it! It is exactly what I wanted!

-- Rachel K.