The nice thing about email campaigns is that once a week or once a month, your business is brought into the forefront of your viewer's mind. You get a chance to show your products and changes to your organization on a regular basis. But what if you have a new product or service that you want to showcase and get into more detail than a single email could provide, or you want to introduce your organization to a new or prospective client? Drip email campaigns will be able to help with these types of communications.

A drip campaign is a way to send a series of emails to someone over a short timeframe. It can be simple as simple as sending out an email per day for five days. You can customize the drip campaign with a decision tree, giving customers their next email based on their interaction with prior email messages. This option is a way to hone in on their specific needs and interests to provide content that is most relevant to their situation.

There are numerous email marketing companies that offer a drip campaign feature. Most of the time this feature is very basic. Contact ShoreShot! Web Design to help you choose one that best suits your needs.


Rob is amazing....always there for our charity, always ready to help, advise and guide me personally through the maze of internet advertising. I cannot recommend him or his work and integrity enough.

-- Nancy J.