Has your Facebook page hit a plateau with the number of people liking or contributing to your page? Would you like to boost this number?

Maybe you have tried Facebook ads. You get hundreds, maybe thousands of hits, but the people don't stick around. Maybe you have purchased a Facebook Friends list, but they too evaporate from your page. These methods may not work when you are pulling people in who are not as engaged in your topic as you or your current contributors are.

There are cost effective ways of building a Facebook following that can boost the participation in your page. You just need to partner up with the right people.

Give to Others

Find Facebook discussion groups that are active and discuss similar topics to what your page provides. Offer to host a topic for that community on a given day of the week, like a Transformation Tuesday, or a given day of the month, like First Friday FAQs. At the end of the hosted topic message, plug your page with a link so their members can join your page for more in-depth information. Before asking to host a topic, make sure your products/services augment their discussion and are not competitive to their offerings.

Realtime Q&A

Facebook has added a Reply link to topic feeds. You can use this option to run a live Q&A session with a guest "speaker". Promote the event and invite all of your followers to join in at the specific date and time. Get your coworkers, friends and family involved to draw a big crowd for the guest. When the event starts, introduce the guest, ask the guest to provide some insightful information about themselves and their expertise, then invite the people to ask their questions. Your guest can use the Reply link to reply directly to their questions in realtime.

Engaging Content

The most important thing to boost your viewership, likes and shares is to write content that resonates with your followers. They will share content that either they think is cool or will make their friends think they are cool. Consistently published original and provocative posts will increase your following. Sharing posts that others have generated will only publicize those other people.


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