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Free isn't cheap. Here's why those free website builders are not bringing customers to your website:


These websites often implement Flash, a technology that is slowly getting retired. Flash is still on a lot of desktop computers, but is less pervasive on mobile devices. Don't you want your website to be built on a platform that will be around for another ten years?
Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, read text. Images, video and Flash objects themselves are not understood by these browsers. Search engines can provide image and video searches based solely on the what they read from the file name and description. Creating a whole website based on a Flash object makes the content unreadable by search engines. If a search engine cannot read the contents of the website, it is not going to include those pages in any search results.

Following Others

Those website builders get your website built faster with templates--templates that make you look like everyone else. It is really tough to stand out in a crowd when your website looks like thousands of other websites. Your business is special. Make your first impression count.


The first time you rode a bicycle, how did you do? Did you fall off your bike? If your business was your younger sister, would you put her on your handlebars as you learned to ride that bike? No, you would not risk her life (or your business's life) while you are learning to develop your first website.

Not Your Business

If your business is website development, by all means develop your own website. If it isn't then concentrate on running your business and let others whose business is developing websites make you look your best.

Website builders are fine for making simple, personal pages. Don't trust your business or livelihood on them. Contact us to find out how ShoreShot! Web Design can make your business look its best.


Thank you so much for everything that you are doing to assist us with the website; we really are very grateful.

-- Anne S.